Melody Blake

Housing Design

Open for commissions.


Housing Prices range from the complexity of the build
and the items that are going to be used.

Small: 5 - 15 Million
Medium: 10 - 25 Million
Large: 25 Million upwards
Garden: 2 - 10 Million (does not have to be made by me)

I do not provide Mogstation Items.
PvP Items are only available if you are located on Phoenix.
Normal dye is included.
For Special Dye (black/ white) I ask half of the market board price.

For more information, contact me on discord.

Mist 15th Ward / Plot 36 @Phoenix

Mist 12th Ward / Plot 6 @Phoenix[Commission]

Lavender Beds 1st Ward / Plot 1 @ Phoenix [Commission]

Mist 2nd Ward / Plot 3 @Phoenix [Commission]

Goblet 13th Ward / Plot 24 @Zodiark [Commission]

Goblet 1st Ward / Plot 38 @Twintania [Commission]

Lavender Beds 18th Ward / Plot 38 @Shiva [Commission]